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Sponsor us!

Our carnival is one of the largest annual events in the town.  We annually get crowds of around 35,000 who come to marvel at the amazing spectacle and we have many more who know about or us enquire.

Glastonbury Carnival could not continue without the help of our sponsors for which we are very grateful for.  The cost of putting the carnival on continues to rise each year and sadly the collection on the night now no longer covers our costs.

How to sponsor us

We have many opportunities for you to get involved.

Sponsor the Carnival - Your business will be associated with the Glastonbury Carnival for 12 months.

Publicity material - Your business and logo will be printed on relevant publicity material.

Collection Floats - We currently have 2 collection floats and your name/logo will be applied for a period of 3 years.  Each float completes the entire route at least once and will also be shown on our carnival DVD’s.  Our collection floats are sent out on loan to other carnivals, therefore the audience will be more than one carnival alone and could reach up to 200,000 people.

Procession Classes - We have 15 competitive classes.  You can sponsor a single class (or more if you wish too!), Your name will be associated with the class(s) and will be used in all associated print.

Carnival champions float (formerly the royalty float) - Your business will be associated with our Carnival champions float.  You business and logo will be placed upon the float, in the programme and on any associated publicity.

Programme (Front Cover) - Your business and logo will be printed on the front cover of our Carnival programme.  We annually print 4000 copies which are on sale from mid October up until and including carnival night itself.

Merchandise - We have an increasing range of merchandise opportunities.  Your business and logo can be applied to one of our merchandise initiatives.